Our courses

At London Consultancy Centre we offer a wide range of programmes to suit different needs.

Our in-house teachers are well qualified and emphasise the importance of interactive communication to allow our students to deal with situations in English in their daily and professional life.
Working in small groups in classes of an average between 10-12 students ensures your actual study time is maximised.
Learning resources
As well as classes, we provide you with a wide range of extra resources to enhance your learning. Our English language zone offers a wide selection of resources from online databases, videos and books and much more to help you improve your English skills.
Working together for a successful future
We offer an environment that will make your time with us is positive, enjoyable and very constructive. We believe that successful study occurs when we work together as a team. In addition to help from our teachers, you’ll be able to help yourself through our many learning resources.

ESOL for British Citizenship


Life in the UK Test – Preparation Classes

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LCC College

Your Gateway to:
- Entry 3 / B1 for British Citizenship
– Entry 3 / B1 for Indefinite Leave to Remain
- A1 for Spouse Visa
– B1 for Work/Entrepreneur Visa
– B2 for Tier4 student’s Visa
– C1 for Highly Skill Migration Visa
– B2, C1, C2 for University requirements.
– Pass Life in the UK Test

Home Office new requirement

We provide all the certificates required by the Home Office. We take into account the new changes, which came into affect on 28th October 2013 ( KoLL – Knowledge of Language and Life in the UK ). People wishing to apply for settlement or Naturalisation are required to pass both: Life in the UK and an English language tests.

Why Study with us

London Consultancy Centre is a college renowned for its reputation being a small college, big on quality, operated by professional and experienced bodies, accredited and approved by British Examination boards and accreditation services. Our certificates are accepted by the Home Office.